CouplesOne of the most exciting things to do is going out on a date with a total stranger.  Whether its someone you met online or on the street or even through an escort service.  Dating is always exciting on the first date, especially if you’re on the prowl and been looking for that special companion.

There’s so many things to think about before the date such as, what cologne or perfume I’m going to use, how will I be dressed, where do I go for dinner?  All these are very commons questions to ask yourself as you prepare for that first date.  Many times, a well prepared first date will lead to a second and so forth.

So what if your date turns out to be an escort?  First of all, what’s the difference between and escort and a prostitute?  I would say they are two totally different types of professions.  An escort can go out with you without proposing any sexual favors, while a prostitute on the other hand is a professional that gets paid to have sex with you.

An escort can keep you company on dates, can spend the night with you with no sexual relations and can perhaps be a paid friend to simply hang around when you need someone to talk to or be with.

A date on the other hand could perhaps lead into intimate phone sex after the initial contact perhaps.