When it comes to sexual activity, many people regard phone sex as a private matter.  Some people look down upon phone sex, while others love the privacy and comfort they receive without judgement to how they look or perform.  However, we all agree that there are times when having sexual activity over the phone is just plain wrong.  Take for example this mention from Ghana Web:

The Coalition Against Sexual Abuse (CASA) has called for the immediate suspension of the headmaster of Battor High School, Lawrence K. Korley after an audio of him having phone sex with a student went viral Thursday.

Mr. Korley is heard in the audio recording hysterically asking the girl to part her legs, fondle her genitalia and moan in ecstasy as they mutually masturbated on the phone.

In a statement Friday, CASA said it “welcomes the call for a thorough investigation into the allegations of serial sexual abuse, harassment and sex with students by the head teacher, Mr. Lawrence Korley.”

“CASA is calling for the immediate temporary removal of the Head Teacher during the course of the investigation,” it added.

On the flip side, phone sex perhaps isn’t as bad as sexual molestation.  Take for example the case of a young school teacher who had sexual activity with a 13 year old as stated on AZ Family:

The Goodyear teacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student appeared in court Friday for a pretrial proceeding.

Trial for 27-year-old Brittany Zamora is set for Aug. 2 and is expected to last about a month.

At this point, there is no plea deal on the table, and not just because the prosecution is not offering one.

“Defense counsel is not looking for a plea offer at this time,” Zamora’s lawyer told the judge during Friday’s hearing.

Booked on suspicion of molestation of a child, furnishing harmful material and sexual conduct with a minor, Zamora has been in jail since she was arrested on March 22 despite voicing her desire to go home to her husband at her initial court appearance.

Just goes to show that there are some people that simply take things to such an extreme that it goes against societal morals.